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2017 Summer Movie Power Rankings

As the summer sun sets, Bodhi, the king of Summer movies, judges Hollywood’s 2017 offering of popcorn romps and low budget indies.

Not a bad summer. In fact, it was pretty solid. We got a masterpiece, a few near-great, inventive films, and a wide variety of solid tentpoles and indies. If you’re curious about my thoughts on a movie just check out my reviews in the archives or comment on this page with a question. Hopefully this list will help you see some movies that you may have missed or didn’t know about.

I feel I should mention that Twin Peaks: The Return, which some have tried to argue is a movie, is 100% a TV show. With that said, it’s arguably the best season of television ever made (maybe the greatest TV show, period), and the most daring and creative filmmaking of the decade. All hail David Lynch.

Now, onto the best films of summer 2017. For reference, my top 5 summer films of last year were 1. The Neon Demon (A-, #3 film of the entire year) 2. Indignation (A-, #7 of the year) 3. Don’t Breathe (B+) 4. Hell or High Water (B+) 5. The Nice Guys (B+)

Summer 2017 Rankings (May-August):

1. Dunkirk (A+)

2. Good Time (A-)

3. A Ghost Story (B+)

4. The Trip to Spain (B+)

5. Long Strange Trip (B+)

6. David Lynch: The Art Life (B)

7. The Beguiled (B)

8. The Big Sick (B)

9. Landline (B-)

10. Logan Lucky (B-)

11. Baby Driver (B-)

12. Wonder Woman (B-)

13. Alien: Covenant (B-)

14. Wind River (B-)

15. Band Aid (B-)

16. It Comes at Night (C+)

17. War for the Planet of the Apes (C+)

18. Columbus (C+)

19. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (C+, Cat Stevens tho)

20. Spider Man: Homecoming (C+)

21. Okja (C, sorry sorry I’m trying to remove)

22. Detroit (C)

23. Valerian (C-)

24. The Book of Henry (Damn wth happened here)

25. Death Note (D-)

26. 15 minutes of Transformers: Last whatever (F+)

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