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Breaking Bad “HEAT” Theory (Spoilers)

Obviously SPOILERS FOR HEAT AND BREAKING BAD! If you have not seen either then stop reading and go watch them. If you haven’t experienced either then you are not fully living. So go watch them and then come back here. Alright, let’s get into my crazy theory. I recognize this is a pretty odd theory and how I got to this theory is interesting so just stay with me.

In the episode “Dead Freight” where Walt, Jesse and Todd are performing a heist on a train, Hank asks Walter Jr. do you want to watch Heat? Too many, this is just a throwaway line. In a show this carefully crafted no line is a throwaway. The “Heat” reference is used because it refers to the episodes content and possibly the whole show. Heat is about a group of bank robbers where at the beginning of the movie a heist goes wrong because of a new robber. The parallel to Breaking Bad is obvious, Todd is the new robber and ruins it…..

I’m gonna keep making parallels between these two. What if the Heat reference is more than just a nod to the similar plot-lines? What I find interesting is that Walter Jr. has been watching Heat the whole time.  Hanna (Al Pacino) is chasing down McCauley (Robert Deniro) the whole movie. Similarly, Hank has been chasing Heisenberg through all of Breaking Bad. There’s a ton of similarities between the two because of the similar plot structures. Perhaps the Heat reference is just a wink to the audience or maybe it’s something more. Maybe just maybe this is a hint to where this story is going. I’m not saying the Heat reference is an easter egg but maybe because of the similarities they will end up in the same place. Just think about it….

Robert Deniro’s McCauley is so far into this game that he can’t get out. He has a chance at getting out of it all but the bad bank robber from the beginning is just too much for him to let go. He goes back and kills him but because he came back he has to have a face off with Lt. Hanna. Hanna (Pacino) HAD to win to make each characters arc fully realized. McCauley (Deniro) had to lose because all the choices he had made lead to his downfall. When he had a chance to get out he didn’t take it. He even walked away from his woman. Everything I just said can be paralleled to Walter White. He had his chance to get out but didn’t and he’s been getting deeper and deeper ever since. He’s nearly lost Skylar, the love of his life as well. Pacino and Deniro’s famous restaurant scene was even similarly played off in Breaking Bad (more than once). Walter and Hank have had conversations about their views on crime, drugs etc. The moment that particularly comes to mind is when they are talking about Gail and Hank jokingly accuses Walter of being the W.W. As you know, Hank now knows that Walter is Heisenberg.

Now this is purely an educated guess on what will happen next. Using the parallels to Heat may give us an answer. Aaron Paul as Jesse is essentially Val Kilmer’s character Chris in Heat. They’re both the sidekicks who have had women important to them along the way. They both wanted to get out of the job eventually and Chris actually does. McCauley (Deniro) and Chris (Kilmer) had a similar relationship to Jesse and Walter (not as in depth of course). I think what’s going to happen is that Hank will be trying to get Walter the 8 final episodes. This will obviously throw Jesse back into things with Walter which is one of the best things about the show. I also believe it will be TODD that gets them into another troublesome situation. Todd killing the kid was significant in the fact that it tells us he’s not a good decision maker and that action also set off the group falling apart. He’s also been involved in the plot in the last few episodes. Why keep him around? Just like at the end of Heat where Val Kilmer is able to let go and escape it all, Jesse will also escape when he has a chance. I bet he has to leave Andrea and her son behind as well. His character at this point wouldn’t fulfill any realization or character arc by dying. Because he has attempted to get out and do good in the world I think he will survive just like Kilmer’s Chris did.

Walt and Jesse’s relationship has always been the heart of the show but Walter/Hank has always been the most interesting and tension fueled. This is where it ends. The final episode will fulfill both Hank and Walters character arc. This whole show has been a descent into darkness for Walter. It’s only fitting that all the decisions he’s made and people he’s killed or hurt along the way have led him to his death. Walter is the reason Hank got hurt after all. Hank has to win this battle to fulfill his character arc as well. His motivation throughout the whole show has been his job. He never started a family and the only happiness he’s had is trying to find Heisenberg.

The ending will have Hank get his Heisenberg just like Pacino got Deniro. Now I’ve had some trouble debating whether or not Hank will downright kill Walter or if Walter will just die as a result of this confrontation. I believe Hank will kill Walter because of some crazy circumstance. I’ve considered Walt just getting caught but that doesn’t seem right. Walt has always been an all in extreme kind of guy and he’s been getting darker and darker throughout the show. These final 8 episodes will lead him to his death.  It could specifically end a number of ways but this is a basic outline for how I think it will end. If I had to guess then I think it will end out in the DESERT right where it started in the first episode. Hank and Walter will have a final desert showdown in the finale. At this point I think it won’t even be Walt but rather his true identity….Heisenberg. Hank and Heisenberg will have a final confrontation as the show ends with Walter losing everything and dying. Thematically I think this ending makes the most sense.

Remember that I’m simply drawing parallels between Heat and Breaking Bad to this point because they’re so similar. That little line about watching Heat gave me this idea. I’m probably just crazy and obsessed with this show but I truly believe this makes sense. Breaking Bad is arguably the greatest show ever made and the ending will probably be amazing. Perhaps they’ll go in a totally different direction and it will end nothing like this but I figured it was worth writing up in case I’m right, which I believe I am.

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