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This Is The End Quick Flick Review

This Is The End is the rare comedy that is both smart and hilarious. The meta comedy skewers the actors’ real life personas with a sharp edge. It’s a stoned version of Tropic Thunder from the Freaks and Geeks crew.  any McBride is this film’s Robert Downey Jr. The comedy arsenal ranges from satire to one liners to gags to sketches to improv. Most impressive is that much of its comedy is cinematic; the jokes are embedded in the film’s editing, music, and production design.

Rogen and Goldberg have put a gut busting comedy inside of a horror film with a “lets see what happens approach.” This inevitably leaves some of the film and characters less realized than others, but on the whole this science experiment is a frankenstein of studio comedy the blends the funniest actors of the modern era without ever conforming to what a studio comedy is these days.

Some might find the style of humor a bit vulgar, but the different styles at which Rogen/Goldberg and co. execute the comedy is undeniably impressive. It’s rare that a studio film is as ballsy and ambitious and creative as this. Towards the middle you can feel the setup of the apocalypse setting to feel a bit like a long sketch, but it’s not long afterwards that it introduces a new element to the film. The last 10 minutes wraps a giant bow on top of this smorgasbord of comedy and horror. I can’t think of a movie I’ve had more fun at all year. This Is The End uses its simple but clever premise to harvest as much comedy as it can out of Hollywood. The best comedy since Tropic Thunder.

Grade: B+


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  1. Christy Crary says:

    Directorial debut, a niche to explore….

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