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Fast and Furious 6 Movie Review

Who would have thought that the Fast and Furious franchise would make 6 movies? The most surprising thing is that for the most part they got better. Fast Five was a great action movie that turned the franchise into something more than just racing. The introduction of The Rock to the franchise as well as a heist plot made for a great action movie. Coming off of that, Fast and Furious 6 delivers a movie full of one liners, a lot of punches, explosions, and more explosions. The plot revolves around Hobbs (The Rock) asking Dom (Vin DIesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) to assemble their crew to take down a villainous criminal named Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). Come on though, is the plot really why you go to see this movie?

If you’re going to see this movie then you know what you’re paying for. A basic plot full of cool action and some fun humor. This movie nails it’s mark even though the mark isn’t all that high to begin with. I love “assemble the team” movies and this is sort of like that. It only takes about twenty minutes to get them all together but it’s pretty entertaining to see them together as a team with a surprising amount of chemistry and pulling off ridiculously awesome stunts. Particularly Tyrese Gibson has a ton of funny lines that he delivers right on point. The dialogue is extremely generic so it’s up to the actors to make it “cool” somehow. I imagine a screenwriter wrote this script with crayon. The Rock and Vin Diesel seem to deliver this dialogue the best of everyone in the cast. Their macho characters don’t need a lot of good dialogue to define them. It’s rather in their delivery and body language. All of the characters are given moments to shine and considering how big this cast is I’m pretty impressed the script was able to balance all of them fairly.

A few characters are given a little motivation so you can at least care somewhat for them but other than that it’s pretty weak in terms of character depth. I really wanted to care alot for these characters but it’s just not strong enough. The movie attempts some emotional scenes but I felt nothing and the worst part as that I was very aware I felt nothing. It felt kind of awkward. What do you expect though? People are going to see this purely for the action and humor. I can promise you the action is fast and furious. The movie smartly paces out its intense action scenes. Every 20 minutes or so we’re given a huge action scene with different sequences happening at the same time. There’s a lot going on here but the director Justin Lin has a strong handle on it all. Too often the editing cuts very quick and it’s hard to tell what’s going on but it’s not so distracting that you can’t comprehend the scene. Most of the cinematography captures the scope and power of these action sequences making them look visually appealing. Having so much action runs the risk of numbing the audience and not being entertained by the action. Justin Lin took that chance and just throws as much action as he can at you and it is all still pretty impressive even if I did feel slightly bored near the end. The last few action sequences are humongous in scope and what works very well is that we still get to see these characters interact during these action sequences. They easily could have been drowned out by the plethora of explosions. There’s a few eye rolling stunts but I think the over the top action works here because it’s all so crazy.

Fast and Furious 6 fulfills the promise that it is selling to the audience. It’s just not that big of a promise. The movie has likable characters, humor, and over the top insanely awesome action sequences. The Rock and Vin Diesel headline well as the characters you find yourself rooting for but other than that, it’s tough to care. The acting, plot and script is generic Hollywood but it’s the over the top characters and action that’ll keep you watching until there’s more explosions. I can’t help but think that this franchise could aim even higher. I hate to compare movies but Fast Five was much more intelligent and impressive. They have everything in place they just need to be more ambitious in their storytelling. The main message of the movie is light-hearted though incredibly simple but I admire them attempting to say something. Fans of the franchise or those that just want a fun Hollywood movie should check it out. You’ll probably like it more than I did if you enjoy the franchise. Make sure you stay after the credits for the most badass HOLY SHIT WTF moment of the movie that put a huge smile on my face. I’ll just say that Fast 7 is being set up to be the best one yet. Fast and Furious 6 is a very dumb testosterone filled ride that will at least keep you stuffing your face with popcorn.


Grade: C+



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