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The Hangover Part 3 Movie Review

Summer Movie season always gives us a few great comedies. Does Hangover 3 deliver? In this final installment of the franchise Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis), and Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) again headline a story that reunites the Wolfpack one last time. Alan has been off his medication for 6 months and has been causing problems within his family. The gang decides to take Alan to get some treatment in Arizona. Meanwhile Mr. Chow has escaped prison in what is maybe the best scene in the movie. A hilarious Shawshank Redemption joke was pretty funny to see but the main problem I have with this movie actually stems from this scene. The main plot involves the Wolfpack being forced to find and capture Chow while taking some twists and turns along the way.

The Hangover I consider to be a modern comedic classic. It hit all the right notes. Most were disappointed with the second movie because it was the exact same plot in a different location and it wasn’t as funny. I think it’s a good formula for a plot but you just have to change the consequences each time and allow the characters to move forward. Well, all your guys complaining worked apparently and the studio heard you all loud and clear because this doesn’t even feel much like a Hangover movie. A part from these same characters (who still provide some laughs) it just doesn’t feel like a story that needs to be told and there’s not even a hangover in the actual movie! Essentially the characters have become “The Hangover” franchise. What was very surprising is that they basically make Mr. Chow the main character and I have no idea why they did that. Alan as well seems to take a centerpiece in the story. What made these two characters so good in the first movie was that they were supporting characters used hilariously. Sure they made me chuckle in this movie quite a few times (Alan more than Chow) but for as many times as I laughed I cringed when a joke missed the mark or felt a bit out of place.

Bradley Cooper as Phil isn’t utilized or even given a chance to be the character that he was in earlier movies and to be honest he’s long moved past characters like this. Even Ed Helms seems like he’s just in the movie because he was in the past two. Most of the problems in this movie lie with its’ script. It feels so messy when it’s making some jokes that hit and some that miss while also trying to be a thriller/action movie. It’s just really hard to pinpoint this movie and that’s not a huge problem if they had hit all the marks along the way but they don’t. Not even John Goodman as the main villain Marshall is even given a chance to make this script funny. An actor of that caliber should be given some opportunities for comedy gold. I appreciate Todd Philips directing style that leaves a bit of mystery around the plot but it’s nowhere near as clean and fresh as the first movie.


The Hangover 3 is an average comedy that ends a franchise that didn’t ever need sequels to begin with. The Hangover still remains a great comedy but it didn’t have anywhere to go after that. I do appreciate them trying to do something different in this move but it just doesn’t quite work. The movie kept me chuckling throughout but it’s never gut-busting and the story they tell isn’t that interesting. I will say the music they chose was pretty awesome for the scenes they were in. As for the trilogy wrapping up, it is pretty well done and you actually get to see a small character arc from Alan. One of the funniest scenes in the movie comes in the after credits scene (15 seconds in) as you get to see the characters waking up with a hangover and the consequences are quite hilarious, but even this feels forced and slightly awkward. If you’re a fan of these characters then maybe check this out otherwise I’d just recommend getting it a redbox. The Hangover 3 provides a few laughs but is just too messy and ultimately ends up being a forgettable movie.

Grade: C

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