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Fall Movie Preview

I’ve listed these 10 fall films under 4 different categories. I ranked them based on internet buzz, the filmmakers, and potential. Just go see them all.

Other flicks to look out for: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him/Her, The Boxtrolls, Kill the Messenger, John Wick, Fury, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1


Crowd Pleasers

Go out for a saturday night flick and any of these 4 will be among the best that you see all year.

10. Whiplash

Release Date: October 10th (Limited Release)

What to expect: Killer music. J.K. Simmons going ham on Miles Teller. Also lots of loud drumming. Lots.

Why to be Excited: It was hugely praised at Sundance and has been gaining hype ever since. It stars J.K. Simmons as a music teacher at a prestigious school, and Miles Teller is his protege student whose tested physically and psychologically until he’s fulfilled his potential. No doubt we’ll be getting some great performances here.

9. The Imitation Game

Release Date: November 21st

What to expect: Benedict Cumberbatch’s best performance and a history lesson that won’t feel like a lecture (hopefully). In the ballpark of Frost/Nixon and The Kings Speech.

Why to be excited: Alan Turing, a British computer scientist is tasked to crack the Nazi’s enigma code during the darkest days of WWII. He’s later prosecuted for his homosexuality. I expect it’ll be Oscar bait, but with purpose and an honest look at a man who was treated appallingly by his government. It’s a story that needs to be told.

8. American Sniper

Release Date: December 25th

What to expect: Hopefully a return to form for Clint Eastwood as a director and what will likely be a career performance from Bradley Cooper.

Why to be excited: I know very little. There’s a trailer coming today though. Steven Spielberg was attached to direct before Clint Eastwood came on board, which makes me think the script is solid. It’s about a Navy Seal with over 150 confirmed kills and if the material is handled well then this could be Bradley Cooper’s most iconic role. Eastwood knows what he’s doing in this genre and I believe this could be a fantastic character study. Just hope it’s not too leaning to the right.

7. The Theory of Everything

Release Date: November 7th

What to expect: A well done and emotional biopic about one of the smartest and most important men ever. Ya boy Stephen Hawking!

Why to be excited: Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones star as husband and wife in this tale about the legendary Stephen Hawking and his hardships. Likely a tearjerker and an incredible story about one of our greatest human beings. These two lead actors are ready to break out. Felicity Jones is always AMAZING and really really ridiculously good looking.

Mark Your Calendars  

These 3 have the potential to be truly great pieces of cinema. All 3 will end up in most top 10 lists of the year.



Release Date: October 17th

What to expect: A roller coaster of crazy Michael Keaton talking to himself as he tries to reclaim his fame on broadway after having been the superhero Birdman decades before!

Why to be excited: An talented cast that seem to be going full on bonkers comedy. Commitment to the absurdity is key here and Innaritu has never really done comedy. The exact opposite of what he does, in fact. There’s a bit of a meta element with Michael Keaton having been Batman and a huge star in the 80’s. Apparently the film has been filmed and edited to feel like one long take, which sounds incredible. It’ll be a wildly comedic and atmospheric film exploring fame and it’s effect on people.

5. Foxcatcher

Release Date: November 14th

What to expect: The dark cold tone of PTA’s The Master (2012) meets buffed up Channing Tatum and a deranged Michael Scott after he left The Office.

Why to be excited: Bennett Miller has made two extremely good movies so far (Capote, Moneyball) and I have a feeling this true tragic story about the olympic wrestling Schultz brothers will be his best yet. Steve Carell as John du Pont, the deranged overlord of these brothers, is what is most exciting.  Expect an unsettling tone and characters drenched in darkness and depression.

4. Nightcrawler

Release Date: October 31st

What to expect: A cinematic hybrid of Taxi Driver‘s loose cannon Travis Bickle, Network‘s TV satire, and Drive‘s overflowing style and uber-coolness.

Why to be excited: It’s a dark neo-noir satirizing our TMZ news fueled culture with a madman guiding us through the dark LA midnight streets. There’s not many better cinematic worlds than nighttime Los Angeles. Now imagine Jake Gylenhaall playing a lunatic running around at night getting caught up in crimes. I remain slightly hesitant because Dan Gilroy is a first time writer/director, but my cinema senses are tingling just thinking about this.

The Heavyweight contenders:

Likely 3 future classic babbbyyyyyy.

3. Gone Girl

Release Date: October 3rd…… I’m seeing it tonight!!!!!!

What to expect: A dark, perverse and satirical look at marriage with David Fincher building a roller coaster of twists and turns. Think A Clockwork Orange meets Lolita. Expect a return to his masterful ZODIAC and insightful The Social Network.

Why to be excited: Uhhhh because David Fincher directed Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network and Zodiac. This murder mystery should be one of his better flicks and Rosamund Pike is going to deliver an iconic performance. Twists, turns, chills and a satire of marriage and the media.

2. Inherent Vice

Release Date: December 12th (limited release), January 11th (Nationwide)

What to expect: A cinematic drug laced with The Long Goodbye/The Big Lebowski/Airplane! AND it’s cooked by the genius mind of Paul Thomas Anderson. I’m fully expecting this to be The Big Lebowski reincarnated, but completely it’s own animal with a more sad and melancholic tone.

Why to be excited: Easy. Paul Thomas Anderson is a master filmmaker with a couple masterpieces under his belt (There Will Be Blood, The Master). He’s coming off his most experimental film (The Master) and now he’ll take us through a private detective noir film based on a novel from famed reclusive author, Thomas Pynchon. Joaquin Phoenix stars as private detective Doc Sportello (Incredibly cool name) in the late 1960’s and he’s a descendant of The Dude. I imagine this will be one of PTA’s more accessible films, but make no mistake, he’s going to push boundaries of cinema. Expect it to be closer in tone and form to the wildly entertaining Boogie Nights. It’ll have a twisting noir plot with absolutely insane characters. The tone of the film has been described as “beguiling and it heads into Zucker bros. comedy at times.” I firmly expect this to be not only one of PTA’s best, but also one of the best noir films ever.


Literally just survive so you can see this with your own eyeballs. See it in 70mm Film IMAX and I guarantee it’ll be one of the best film experiences you ever have.

1. Interstellar

What to expect: If they pulled it off, and I hear they did, then expect the scope of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the world building and dense ideas of Blade Runner, and the awe of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Now sprinkle Inception on top and you have what will likely be a future classic film.

Why to be excited: Christopher Nolan is reason enough to go insane. It’s a space epic that hearkens back to 70s and early 80s blockbuster cinema. For my money that’s the best time in cinema. Space is the most awe inspiring and imaginative thing that can be put on screen. Now add Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, plus loads of other talented actors, and soon to be famous cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema. In the teaser trailer Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper says “Perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still pioneers. That we’ve barely begun and that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.” Goddamn that’s a big promise for a film. Be there on day one.

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