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Trailer Highlights: Boyhood and Gone Girl

I love all aspects of movies. The marketing of movies is something that interests me as well. Every once in a while a trailer for a highly anticipated movie will be released. It’s a sort of mini event to see footage from the movie. So from now on I plan to post trailers for movies that are highly anticipated among the moviegoing community. Movie trailers are an art themselves. The editing, music and scene selection are greatly important in selling the movie and getting audiences into seats. I’ll give my quick thoughts on the trailer and what it tells us about the movie itself. I hope to spread awareness about movies that potentially will be great. The first few months of this year have been quite good actually with Enemy, Under The Skin, The Lego Movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier etc. but no movie has truly wowed me. These two films have the potential to do that. Check the trailers out below!


This is my favorite trailer of the year by far. Richard Linklater, the director of films such as Dazed and Confused and the Before series is one of the top directors working today, and he’s still underrated. He’s in my personal top 5 all time. This film is the first of its kind and likely will end up as one of, if not THE best coming of age movie. You read that right. The potential here is through the roof. It took them 12 years to shoot film and that’s because they literally filmed the kid growing up each year. That’s absolutely awesome!!! It brings an authenticity to the project that transcends what a coming of age film can be. We literally watch him grow up! As a film fan it’s so great to see ambitious projects like this that will be remembered for a long time. I don’t want to hype it up too much, but c’mon it’s Linklater and people that have seen it have called it a masterpiece. It’s interesting to see how 90’s the film looks, which I like a lot. That aesthetic has been gone for a long time. Throw in Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette (My ultimate cinematic crush) as the father and mother and you’ve got movie magic. The song choice of “Hero” by Family of the Year is absolutely perfect and conveys a strong sense of growing up and what the tone of the film looks to be. I’ve really enjoyed the earlier films this year, but Boyhood on July 12th looks to be the first film this year that could be truly special. It’s a film that I know will be amazing because Linklater is that great. I love the line at the end “Who do you wanna be Mason? What do you wanna do?” Damn this trailer is full of emotion! It’s short, honest, sweet and gets to the point, but also conveys strong emotional beats through its images and dialogue.

Gone Girl 

David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac, The Social Network) adapts the bestselling novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Fincher is another of my favorite filmmakers. If this film lives up to its potential it could my favorite of his. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike were somewhat controversial casting choices, but the trailer shoots down any worries people had. They both look great actually. The film simply looks like another great Fincher film. The story follows a man who is being accused of murdering his wife. The color palette utilizes yellow and black, which is a Fincher trademark. The camera work has the clinical Fincher feel to it as well. It looks more in line with Zodiac and Se7en, which are his top films in my opinion. Not just aesthetically but the narrative looks like it uses the mystery of those films. The song choice of “She” by Elvis Costello, which is quite a romantic song, becomes dark and eerie when paired with this bleak trailer. It gives off the sense that not all is right and there is something more going on. The book has been said to be filled with twists and turns so I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds on screen. This trailer is not as intriguing as his The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo teaser or The Social Network teaser though. It has a lot of filler and is mostly just long shots and reaction shots. I assume they don’t want to give away any of the mystery or spoilers. The trailer still does a great job at conveying mystery and the tone of the film. That shot of Ben Affleck smiling next to the picture of his wife whose dead? So sinister and dark! The trailer delivers a dark tone with an underbelly that makes us feel uncomfortable. Did he kill his wife? Is it a conspiracy? I have no idea, but I know that it looks like it could be one of Fincher’s best movies.

These are two films to be very excited for! I’ll be posting trailers for other movies that you should be excited for. Comment with your thoughts below.


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