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Thor: The Dark World Movie Review

I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been able to keep up with movie reviews but I’ve finally caught up. Right now is when the top movies of the year are released, so I strongly urge you to get out to the theaters and see as many movies as you can.

Thor: The Dark World

Superhero films will likely define the big blockbuster movies of the decade. The Marvel films have built a strong audience base and will likely own the decade in terms of how many films it pumps out. The quality just isn’t always consistent though and that’s plenty fine because they’re all good enough in their ambition. I think the simplicity and depiction of these characters is what slightly turns me away in some of the films. Outside of the first Iron Man and The Avengers, which are both great, the other Marvel films have felt too restrained and directed towards the highest common denominator. There’s nothing wrong with that but you better make sure you knock it out of the park with what you do attempt.

I should you let you know that I found the first Thor somewhat lackluster and dull, though still entertaining with Thor as the fish out of water on earth. He’s a larger than life character that’s not human and basically invincible. I understand how hard it is to make him an interesting and relatable character. Thor: The Dark World fixes some of the problems with the first by bringing us back into the world of Asgard along with all of the characters in the first film, and it’s always fun to see characters again (if you like them). The story follows Thor returning to earth to bring back Jane (Natalie Portman) and the gang. The dark elves led by Malekeith basically want to take over the universe with something called an Aether. Thor must team up with Loki to defeat Malekeith to save the universe…Yada Yada Yada

This film has quite a few misses but in some aspects it is one of the more impressive Marvel solo films with its delivery of humor and a fairly interesting plot. The film of course delivers fun action sequences and fun banter between Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. However, a fairly weak villain and an uneven story hold this back quite a bit. The script spends too much time on side stories when it doesn’t even fully complete its main story. I also fear that this universe is branching out to odd and unaccessible plots. My main issue with the Marvel films are that they are so infatuated with their own characters that their stories rarely have tension and emotion. Iron Man and The Avengers have nailed their formulas the best and are head and shoulders better than the other Marvel films. Here you get plenty of Thor’s charm and wit. The humor certainly works at times but some side characters are cringeworthy with their jokes. What makes this film more impressive than the first is the special effects and construction of Asgard. The movie has some very well composed shots. The story at times feels familiar but the cast and a few twists and turns in the plot keeps the film entertaining enough. When you pair Thor with the charismatic Loki, it get’s much more entertaining. That’s is probably why Loki is a main character here.

Director Alan Taylor of Game of Thrones, surely delivers a much bigger, and more visually appealing world than the first, but it’s apparent that his vision was not complete. I wish he had more of his style present. It’s refreshing to see new styles and takes on characters. I may just be getting Marvel fatigue because the films feel too similar to each other. Thor: The Dark World does drift away to a more stylistic and confident story at times which is something these films desperately need but even this falters. Hiddleston steals the show and the talented cast keeps the movie afloat when the plot is not moving and branching out to side stories that are never developed. The movie is a decent time and does enough to warrant a watch because of its sometimes funny humor and the action sequences but you won’t get much else. If you enjoy the Marvel films then get out and see it, but for those on the fence, just wait for it at redbox. There’s better films currently in theaters.

Grade: C-


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